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User Guide

About return / exchange / cancellation 

■ Returns and exchanges due to customer's convenience
Please note that we cannot accept returns, exchanges, and cancellations due to customer's convenience.
Please check the color, size, price, shipping fee, etc. of the product before ordering.

■ Return / exchange for reasons such as defective products
We have made thorough quality and delivery of the product, but if there are "products differences", "quantity different", "defective products due to damage or stain", we will replace them by replacement.
The shipping cost at that time will be borne by our company, so from the arrival of the product.Within 7 daysIn addition, the information at the time of order and the order NO are specifiedInquiry formPlease contact us more.
If you cannot prepare a good product (or equivalent) for orders or stock products, we may be refunded.
* If the time has passed from the arrival of the product to the contact, we may not be able to accept returns or exchanges. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please contact us as soon as possible.
* Please note that the product after use cannot be returned or exchanged.