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Art T-shirt_08 (Takayuki Matsumine)


His MOSAIC NATION x participating artist collaboration T-shirt released at "SHIBUYA NFT ART JUNCTION 2022".

These are limited edition goods sold only at online stores and event venues.


"Collaboration T-shirts of MOSAIC NATION × artists released at SHIBUYA NFT ART JUNCTION 2022.

These are limited edition goods sold only at the online store and at the event.


02: Cliff of Time (nation/No.3)

03:shun kawakami(nation/No.4)

04: Tsuribu Tokyo (nation/No.5)

05: Hiroya Asari(nation/No.6)

06:Ryusuke Muto(nation/No.8)

07:Alessandro Bioletti(nation/No.9)

08:Takayuki Matsumine(nation/No.10)

09:Hideki Saijo(nation/No.11)

10:Karin Nakamori(nation/No.12)


12:Yuto Yamada(nation/No.14)


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